Snow pants for Little Tiger

I love thrift stores! I am a life-long second-hand shopper. It doesn’t matter what my financial situation is – I always hit the second-hand stores first. I often find amazing one-of-a-kind deals. You just need patience and an open mind.

Since winter has arrived with a BANG, my darling son Little Tiger needed his first pair of snow pants.  (He is 9-months old, and even though he was born in February he never experienced winter because it was so spring-like). I priced out snow pants at Wal-Mart and Zellers. Most were $10 to $20 which doesn’t seem like much but as a new mom I try to save cash when I can.

Lucky me, I visited my neighbourhood Sally Ann ( and found these perfect navy blue snow pants for $4.99! They are like new, no rips, not worn out and the perfect size (12m…my DS is big for his age – more of him to love).

I was so pleased to find these pants because they match perfectly with Little Tiger’s winter coat, which is bright yellow with navy blue as an accent colour. I like to mix and match new items with old items, so the new coat with the second-hand pants work perfectly!

Happy trails,

Thriftstore Cowgirl


2 responses to “Snow pants for Little Tiger

  1. Most excellent! I so agree. I once bought a designer suit, price tags & extra buttons still on, reg price in what would now be the over $500 range, and wore it to important functions. It fit me like a glove. People stopped me every time to comment on it. I still have it – still love it. Great blog, Thriftstore Cowgirl 🙂

  2. Love it! It just feels wrong to buy everything new for a baby. They grow out of clothes so fast. I stock up on stuff at yard sales and buy bigger sizes so that they fit my DS in the appropriate season. His snowsuit last year was a yard sale treasure for $2. I passed that suit on to a friend.

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