1980s flashback: sticker club chain letter

A few days ago I received a sticker club chain letter from my friend Kelly in Georgetown, Ontario. I was so excited. A real live paper chain letter!

The letter contained a sheet of stickers (score!) and a blank copy of the letter.

I made all the required copies and sent the letter (plus stickers) to 6 of my friends with kids.

Thanks to the circuitous logic of the whole thing I will my son will soon receive 36 sheets of stickers in the mail!

Message me if you want to start your own sticker club chain letter.  I’ll send you the exact wording.

Happy trails!


7 responses to “1980s flashback: sticker club chain letter

  1. I, I mean Jake, will also get stickers – we’re sending them out tomorrow! Thank-you 🙂

  2. I’d like a copy of your sticker club letter. Tabologist@gmail.com Thank you

  3. These schemes can only work if somewhere down the line one kid gets no stickers for every pack that your kid receives. If every kid recruited participates, by round 12 of the system every child on the planet would have to participate for the kids at round 10 to get their stickers. And about 50 million kids (it’s actually about 59 million) would have to be cheated out of their stickers. Which is why pyramid schemes are illegal .

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  5. I would like a copy… I was recently tellingmy daughter how it’s a great way to stay in touch with distant relatives, friends from pre k we no longer see, etc. My friends and I did it when we were young and I can’t remember how it goes…

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