Pumpkin pie pancakes

Twenty Ten was the Year of the Pumpkin. They were everywhere this fall: our lattés, our muffins, our soups, our oatmeal.

I had a spare uncarved jack-o-lantern pumpkin so I made purée. It was a surprisingly simple process, although hacking up the giant gourd did take some elbow grease.

I used the purée for baby food, curried soup, spiced lattés, cookies, and Martha Stewart’s pumpkin chocolate chip squares. But autumn will technically be over December 21st and I needed to defrost and use the last of it. So I dusted off my grandmother’s pancake recipe and created a pumpkin pancake surprise!

I substituted half the milk with the purée and added pumpkin pie spice to the flour.

I substituted half the milk for pumpkin purée

Pumpkin pie spice was added to the flour

Once the batter was ready, I added a few droplets of food colouring to give the pancakes a warm orangey hue.

The experiment was a success! The pancakes were delicious topped with apples and maple syrup. The perfect snowy morning family breakfast.


Sunday morning family breakfast

Check out my friend mullinygirl on Etsy for some beautiful pumpkin-themed photos.

Happy trails!


3 responses to “Pumpkin pie pancakes

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  2. These look delicious!! And why do I so love the dishes, kitchen decor and presentation?

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