Girlie fabric find

A much-need Chinook breeze blew in yesterday so I took Little Tiger for a walk. At my Sally Ann stop I stumbled upon some lovely fabrics: a floral embroidered cotton and a hot pink cotton polyester blend.

This fabric reminds me of springtime.

I started by making a few more cutlery rolls. I want to have a bunch by Christmas so I can hand them out like candy canes (actually, I just thought of putting candy canes in them when I give them as gifts. Minty goodness.)

I'm on a cutlery roll roll! Cutlery roll roll call! Somebody please stop me.

I’m searching for another project for this fabric. It’s so girlie.

Happy (snowy) trails!


3 responses to “Girlie fabric find

  1. I won one of these (although not nearly as cool) at last year’s family reunion. I use it every day at work.

  2. That’s adorable Holly!
    I know one working girl who would love one! 😉

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