This is Pastina:

I'll pass on the Pastina. But this baby is so cute!

It’s mini pasta for babies. I was enticed by the cute retro packaging. Plus Little Tiger loves mushed whole wheat pasta with pureéd squash sauce.

He didn’t like the stuff. Once boiled, it resembles a big wet rice. The ingredients are not too healthy either: #2 is “mineral salt”.

I’ll try different sauces just to use up the rest of the box but I may not buy Pastina again.

Happy trails!


One response to “Pastina!

  1. I was wondering about that pastina stuff. I was thinking “isn’t all pasta the same as far as texture/taste?” So this one is mushier. I’ll pass and so will little G. I feed him whole wheat pasta OFTEN. He would eat it 7 days a week. He perfers it plain with cheese but I try to get him to eat it with my pureed sauce.

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