Nanaimo cookies

This is Nanaimo, B.C.


These are Nanaimo bars.

Nanaimo bars

After my New Year’s Eve party, I was left with a giant slab of Nanaimo bars. I gave some to the neighbours.

Neighbourly Nanaimos

I was still left with tons of bars. B.B. and I extracted the chocolate and made cookies.

Haft a slab

We separated the layers and cut them into chunks.

The de-layering

Nanaimo bar chocolate chunks

We used this whole wheat chocolate chip cookie recipe from the Betty Crocker website. The semi-sweet chocolate chips were replaced with the Nanaimo chunks. We also added a wee bit of coconut.

The cookies were delish! Nanaimo cookies are definitely a one-time deal. I doubt I’ll have that many Nanaimo bars in my possession ever again.

Nanaimo cookies: a one-time deal

Happy trails!


One response to “Nanaimo cookies

  1. You should’ve sent those Nanaimo bars my way – I would have polished them off sharpish!

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