French toast pour bébé

Little Tiger is 10 months old so he can only eat the yokes of the egg. It works out wonderfully because I save the white for egg white omelets. He loves baby French toast, which is basically regular French toast babyfied.

Baby French toast (Pain doré pour bébé)

1 egg yoke (use this awesome trick to separate the white from the yoke.)
2-3 tbsp of water, baby formula or homogenized milk
A couple of pinches of cinnamon
1 slice of whole wheat bread, crusts removed, quartered

Combine egg, milk, cinnamon. Whisk. Dip bread pieces. Cook in non-stick frying pan (without oil or butter), or bake in oven on 350° for 15 minutes. (The book What to expect the first year, one of my bibles, tells moms to “Forgo the frying. Fried food shouldn’t be a part of anyone’s diet”).

I break the quarters into pieces for easy chewing.

Pan fry in non-stick pan without any butter

Is French toast (or Pain doré) considered an ethnic dish? I am French Canadian.

Traînées heureuses


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