Retro baby toys

Second-hand stores are the best for buying baby toys. There’s something about old toys…more durable, less plastic, less noisy.

Once Upon a Child is great for gently used newer toys. Value Village has tons of toys, but they tend to be more junky. Be ready to rummage. Here’s a sampling of some great finds.

This antique Tonka tractor goes for $20 on ebay, but my hubby found it at the Sally Ann for a few dollars.

I was specifically looking for a second-hand musical table. I found this one for $20 at Once Upon a Child.

Happy trails!


2 responses to “Retro baby toys

  1. Sweet! We were just at VV last weekend and I got Jake this big boat thingy that plays music; there were even batteries in it, super score!

  2. thrifties newspaper

    Thriftstores are the best places to buy toys, considering how fast some kids get bored with their old toys parents can take comfort they did not spend a fortune on them.

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