I heart stencils

Like an untalented Banksy I am a lover of stencils. There is something so earnest about the concept. The whole point of stenciling is consistency, yet it often turns out charmingly crooked.

Hopefully my next stenciling endevour will be more sophisticated.

Okay, so it looks like a child made this sign. But the point is I had fun making it, right? The stencils were from a dollar store. The black letters are 2 inch Helvetica stickers. (My husband bought a business and acquired a bunch of retro office supplies – including the stickers).

Also, isn’t the oversized apostrophe sticker adorable?

Happy trails!


One response to “I heart stencils

  1. What a great idea! Kind of has a valentine’s feel to it… the apostrophe makes a real impact. I would Not disturb the baby.

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