Make your own baby wipes

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could make your own baby wipes? Well, great news: you can!

Yup, my buddy Megamulliny Girl gave me these easy do-it-yourself instructions on how to whip up some baby wipes.

  • 1 roll of paper towels
  • 2 tsp of baby oil
  • 2 tsp baby wash or shampoo
  • 2 cups of boiled water, cooled
  • Old diaper wipe container (or any airtight container will do)

Here are the instructions almost word-for-word.

Each roll of paper towels will make two boxes of wipes. You also have two options for the style of diaper wipes to make. You can either cut the roll of paper towels in half; leaving them in a roll, or you can tear apart the towels and fold them to fit into the box.

After you place your towels into the empty box, mix the remaining ingredients in a large measuring cup. Slowly pour the liquid over the towels, making sure to cover them evenly. If you have chosen the folded method, place half of the towels in the box and pour in half of the liquid. Then add remaining towels and remaining liquid on top of them.

If you have chosen the rolled method, be sure to remove the cardboard from the middle before adding the liquid. After the towels have set for a short while, they will absorb the liquid more evenly and will keep fresh for several weeks.

Most parents will already have the elements for homemade baby wipes in their home.

I love that you can control the amount of product in the wipes.

Happy trails!


3 responses to “Make your own baby wipes

  1. Hecks yeah! We have the same container even.

  2. That is GENIUS.
    Now, if only I had a baby to wipe….

  3. This is brilliant. I sometimes carry vinegar/water soaked paper towels in a small ziploc bag in my car or purse, especially when travelling.

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