Slow Cooker Perogies

I had the sudden urge today to use my slow cooker. But I didn’t want to make a meat dish since I’m a vegetarian (but the rest of my family joyfully gnaws on meat, sometimes still attached to the bone, every chance they get). Actually, after eight glorious meat free years, I now eat seafood from time to time, so call me a flexitarian. I feel like the fish are happier in their last moments of life. They don’t seem to have horrible lives like penned up chickens and cows. I thought of making veggie chili but I only had a 20 minute window to prep my dish. So I tried something new: slow cooker perogies.

I created a butter and onion sauce (1/2 c of unsalted butter, 1 whole onion chopped fine) in my wok. I added a whole box of perogies (about 35) to the slow cooker, drizzled with the butter and onion sauce, and sprinkled with fresh ground pepper, fresh ground sea salt, freshly chopped parsley and a dried bay leaf. It cooked on high for about 2.5 hrs. Served up with a green salad and barely there oil/vinegar dressing and presto chango! A delicious meal enjoyed by all. This is not what I would call health food, so an after dinner walk was in order.


Happy trails!


2 responses to “Slow Cooker Perogies

  1. Sounds very yummy!! Remember when we used to fry Perogies??

  2. You mean we weren’t supposed to fry them? …and add bacon …and sour cream?

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