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Charles and Di Tin

My super sweet step-daughter Bri is a  seasoned thrifter / yard saler. She  found this Charles and Di commemorative cookie tin at a yard sale for $0.25. It’s now officially a collection: I have two Charles and Di things.

Happy thrifting!


Gift wrapping

I had fun gift wrapping today. It’s like making a sculpture out of bits and pieces of craft supplies.


I love stenciling. I also love crafting. So when I came across The Complete Book of Stencilcraft by JoAnne C. Day at the Women in Need thriftstore I became very excited.

Stencilcraft? That's a thing? Yes, please!

The book contains techniques on creating stencils and applying them to various surfaces.

Here's a far out stencil mural. Did I mention this book was published in 1974?

Two thirds of the book contains stencil patterns. I got really excited when I saw this. I love the white font on black background design of this page.

Oh, hi cutie! You belong on my wall.

The lovely stenciling pioneer JoAnne C. Day

I hope to get some time soon to stencil something in my house.

Happy trails!

Parkavision: the world framed in furriness

This week was bitterly cold here in Alberta and I practically lived in my parka. After viewing the world everyday from within the furry hood, I was inspired to create Parkavision!

The pyramids in Parkavison

Happy furry trails!

Nautical rope belt

My step-daughter wore a super hip belt today. It’s a nautical-themed rope.










Happy trails!


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