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Commuter Challenge

Next week (June 5-11) is Commuter Challenge, you guys! People/businesses/cities will challenge each other to commute green. That includes cycling, walking, carpooling and telecommuting. I seem to recall someone canoeing to work during last year’s challenge.

This year in honour of Commuter Challenge I will be cycling to work with my town bike instead of my 21-speed mountain bike.  It’ll be an interesting 6.5kms.

 Happy trails (literally)






Crossroads Market

The family had  an awesome afternoon at Crossroads Market. What a cool place! It has a huge year-round farmers’ market and a flea market.

This is a really interesting piece from the New York Times about the flea marketing of NYC. Flea markets are enjoying a sort of renaissance there. Sounds like a rummager’s dream.

Valleyview Park

Out and about East Calgary and need a place to chill? Check out recently redeveloped Valleyview Park. Located in West Dover, The park consists of wide open fields, rolling hills, beach volleyball courts, a big kid playground and a little kid playground (both with modern play structures) and a summertime spray park. Valleyview Park connects with the Bow River Pathway along the west side. The beautiful landscaping was completed in 2009.

Valleyview Park is truly an East Calgary gem. Here are some pictures of the toddler playground.

The Smokin’ 45s performing at Valleyview in 2010.

Take care!