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Nautical rope belt

My step-daughter wore a super hip belt today. It’s a nautical-themed rope.










Happy trails!


Denim Christmas stockings

This year I made stocking for my two kids, Little Tiger (10 months) and step daughter B.B. (13 years). My pattern was based on this awesome one at Just Kat Stuff. Each stocking required one pair of jeans, a few yards of cotton for lining, and some fun fur to add some flair. I used fur from an old pair of boots because I’m 33 and too old for fun fur boots with pom-poms (but I still love pom-poms!!).

I added some fabric snowflakes from Dollarama.

The stockings were extra cute. Santa stuffed B.B.’s full of teen-friendly goodies. He didn’t bring Little Tiger any stocking stuffers though because he’s 10-months old and has no idea what’s going on half the time.

Get the original pattern here.

Happy trails!

Hyped about patchwork

After looking at My patchwork, I’m inspired to learn more about the technique. Her creations are so funky and fun!

Today I patched this ancient chenille blanket with white and pink floral cotton.

Chenille blanket + cotton patch

For the best (and only?) patchwork-themed song, listen to the beautiful Dolly Parton”s Coat of many colours.

Happy trails!

Girlie fabric find

A much-need Chinook breeze blew in yesterday so I took Little Tiger for a walk. At my Sally Ann stop I stumbled upon some lovely fabrics: a floral embroidered cotton and a hot pink cotton polyester blend.

This fabric reminds me of springtime.

I started by making a few more cutlery rolls. I want to have a bunch by Christmas so I can hand them out like candy canes (actually, I just thought of putting candy canes in them when I give them as gifts. Minty goodness.)

I'm on a cutlery roll roll! Cutlery roll roll call! Somebody please stop me.

I’m searching for another project for this fabric. It’s so girlie.

Happy (snowy) trails!

Lunchtime cutlery roll

Burda Style has a free pattern for a cute lunchtime cutlery holder. I wanted to make a few and give them as Christmas gifts to my workin’ girl friends.

I measured the cutlery and cut the fabric accordingly. The pattern calls for batting but I used an old receiving blanket instead.

Stitching the cutlery and serviette pockets

The first cutlery roll completed. It's a little messy so I'll keep this one.

My second attempt looks much better....and isn't the birdie fabric adorable?

Get the pattern here.

Happy trails!

UPDATE: check out my new girlie pink cutlery rolls here.