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Crossroads Market

The family had  an awesome afternoon at Crossroads Market. What a cool place! It has a huge year-round farmers’ market and a flea market.

This is a really interesting piece from the New York Times about the flea marketing of NYC. Flea markets are enjoying a sort of renaissance there. Sounds like a rummager’s dream.


Gift wrapping

I had fun gift wrapping today. It’s like making a sculpture out of bits and pieces of craft supplies.

Nautical rope belt

My step-daughter wore a super hip belt today. It’s a nautical-themed rope.










Happy trails!


To celebrate the adding of an “unnecessary organizing” category to this site, I share here my alphabetized cookbook. It’s a 2-inch binder contains two dividers for each letter. Yes, I mean two, because the double letters are stapled together to create not … Continue reading

Retro toys 2 and other thrift store finds

Today was a stellar day for rummaging at the WINS (Women in Need thrift store). I found lots of great stuff and the prices were right.

Vintagey gold-coloured jewelry box with automatically opening drawer ($6)

Retro Fisher Price toys for the little guy ($5). See more retro kids’ toys here.

A hand-made Arnold Churgin clutch purse and nautical-themed KEDS shoes

Copper 2-cup French press ($2)

Suze Orman’s Women and Money ($2.50)

Take a tour of the WINS store here.

Happy trails!

Women in Need: living in a thrifter’s paradise

Everyone's a winner at WINS.

I took a trip today to the Dover, Calgary Women in Need thrift store. The WINS, as it affectionately known, is a fantastic place to buy furniture, household items, toys and random oddities.

The thrift store collects money that goes to the charity. And women in crisis have access to free goods.

WIN’s mission is to “help women and their families help themselves”. Can’t argue with that!

Go here to see an inventory of my purchases.

Retro dresser $30…it’s still there

Books! It’s like the internet on paper.

I’ve entered bizarro world.

Books galore!

Oddities too special to be out in the store. These treasures are sealed away in a glass case.

Happy trails!

No fuss baby birthday game

Organizing party games can be like herding cats. For my son’s first birthday I wanted to have something that was easy: hence the Guess Baby’s Age game.

The concept is self-explanatory. I adhered photos to poster board with paper flaps containing his age in months. Party guests had fun guessing his age, and it took zero organizing on my part. Just put the poster up and let the guessing begin!

A game party guests can play with zero involvement from the host

Happy trails!