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Commuter Challenge

Next week (June 5-11) is Commuter Challenge, you guys! People/businesses/cities will challenge each other to commute green. That includes cycling, walking, carpooling and telecommuting. I seem to recall someone canoeing to work during last year’s challenge.

This year in honour of Commuter Challenge I will be cycling to work with my town bike instead of my 21-speed mountain bike.  It’ll be an interesting 6.5kms.

 Happy trails (literally)






A year in batteries

You are looking at a year’s worth of old batteries for a family of four.

My workplace has a battery recycling program. Being on maternity leave, I set them aside for one year. I’m going back to work in one week so time to bring ’em in.

Happy trails!

Denim Christmas stockings

This year I made stocking for my two kids, Little Tiger (10 months) and step daughter B.B. (13 years). My pattern was based on this awesome one at Just Kat Stuff. Each stocking required one pair of jeans, a few yards of cotton for lining, and some fun fur to add some flair. I used fur from an old pair of boots because I’m 33 and too old for fun fur boots with pom-poms (but I still love pom-poms!!).

I added some fabric snowflakes from Dollarama.

The stockings were extra cute. Santa stuffed B.B.’s full of teen-friendly goodies. He didn’t bring Little Tiger any stocking stuffers though because he’s 10-months old and has no idea what’s going on half the time.

Get the original pattern here.

Happy trails!

DYI photobooth

This cowgirl rang in 2011 surrounded by family and friends. I was inspired by Kait at yuppie love to create a do it yourself photobooth. $7 and a trip to the dollar store later, I had the sparkly goods. The backdrop was a hit!

Happy trails!